Any More Cities on your Tour?

I see that your are doing an Alice Tour, and I was wondering if the locations posted on the website were all the stops, or if more will be added. (Particularly in the Toronto area?) I’d love a chance to meet you and thank you in person for sharing Alice’s life with us.
Phyllis replied:
And I so wish that I could meet you.  It’s going to be wonderful to meet so many fans on this trip.  I’ve met some of you before when I was speaking in various parts of the country, but this is two weeks devoted to meeting Alice fans.  Because authors are usually given only two weeks for a tour–much more would be exhausting–locations are frequently grouped in a few major parts of the country so that authors aren’t spending most of their time in the air.  We started this tour in Maryland, then a few locations in the Midwest, and a few more on the West Coast.  We will be adding a few schools to the list, but these will be determined later and are usually sponsored by bookstores.

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