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I’ve never written to an author before, no matter how much I loved the books. Therefore, this is my first time. I came across, “the agony of Alice” in 7th grade. It was the perfect timing for me bc I was in my awkward stage. Not many friends, embarrassing moments and feeling alone. Books were my shelter. Am I glad I came across your books. Im 25 now, and let me tell you, when I go to a library the first thing I ask for is if you’ve written any more books in the series. To my luck I always find one. Every time I become nostalgic and go back to those days. I would hole up in my room and read.
Now that I’m hoping to have a family soon, I’ve started collecting the series so one day my daughter could read these and grow with Alice. Her moments, feelings and confusions made me feel like I wasn’t alone. And I hope every girl feels like that once she reads your books.
Thank you. Thank you for helping me grow up. For helping me escape the loneliness.
I’ll never forget the day I checked out that book, not knowing that 13 years later I’d still be appreciating it.


Phyllis replied:

I’m so grateful to you for taking time to write to me.  I just love hearing from twenty-somethings who started reading the Alice series many years ago.  Perhaps writing the books helped me deal with the memories of my own embarrassing moments, the truly stupid things I’d said and done.  If the books have helped other girls deal with their own humiliating moments, I’m extra glad that I wrote the series.

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