Letter from a Grandpa

I’m always on the lookout for stories that I think my young granddaughters might enjoy and learn from at the same time. Having discovered Alice in Lace in a list of banned books at my local Library, I decided to read it to find out what the banning fuss was all about and to determine for myself if it’s the kind of book that I think my beloved granddaughters would enjoy reading.
After reading this censored book, I was delighted to find that it is a wonderful story that dealt realistically with some of the very real human concerns experienced by young people in their daily lives; that it was in very humane ways, a story that my granddaughters would likely enjoy not only for it’s interesting and engaging plot, but for its honest portrayal of young people trying to deal with problems and concerns, joys and sorrows, that are so very much like their own. The notion that this book should be censored for any reason is ridiculous.
Phyllis replied:
It’s hard for me to remember anymore which Alice book is challenged for what reason.  But I think that giving middle school students a hypothetical problem situation and having them research how they would deal with it if it happened to them is an excellent way to introduce them to real life problems.  I’m grateful to you for reading the book and coming to your own conclusions, and hope that your granddaughters will enjoy many more Alice books in the future.

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