Why No Sports?

I am so excited for the final Alice book! 😀 I know it’s going to be so amazing, just like all of the Alice books. I have not grown up with Alice, but she has definitly inspired me. I am 12 years old at the moment and want to be an author when i get older. I also would like to be a singer if possible but one of my dreams are to be an author. I love writing stories about girls like me, lots of people have told me, i am gifted! Haha, just kidding! but i just love love love literature!! it’s so crazy fun doing!! I am also a gymnast, why didnt alice do any sports? thats one of my questions and heres another: I know everyone asks but can you plz give us one tiny winy hint? It could be just a simple yes or no. Will it stay Alice in Patrick, will sam or tony come back in the picture? I know were all wondering this! What about Mitch?! Anyway thank you so much for writting such relatively, wonderful stories!!
Phyllis replied:
Alice didn’t get involved in any sports because I never was, and didn’t feel I knew enough about being on a team to write authentically about it.  As far as hints, no more!  You only have about two weeks to wait, and the book will be OUT!   October 15th.  Circle it on your calendar!

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