Proud of Who I Am Now

I am pretty sure I would be a different person if I had not read the Alice books six years ago. As I am taking AP Literature this year, we talked  about how fiction is so important, when everyone is debating that non-fiction  is more important. But really, there’s nothing like sympathizing, and getting  to know a character lie your own sister. The characterization of Alice over the years will always be like a real friend to me when I look back; her ups and downs, her funny and awkward moments, the problems with her parents, etc. I have leaned so much about growing up and being myself. And I’m proud of who I am now.

Thank you SO much for writing a series that have not only made me feel so much better, but have inspired me as well. I remember getting an autographed poster years ago, and I’ll always remember how happy I was! Hopefully I will be able to see you on your book tour!
Phyllis replied:

I would love to see you!  I would also love to see the hundreds and hundreds of readers who have written to me over the years–even given me ideas for the Alice series.  My first stop will be the  Takoma Park Library, Takoma Park Maryland on Tuesday, October 15th at 7:30.  The newest, and final, book of the Alice series, NOW I’LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING, will be on sale, or you may bring your own books for autographing.

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