A Wonderful Ending


Thank you so much for writing the Alice series. I have been reading the books since I was in fourth grade and have adored every one of them! I love your books so much because they are so realistic and I think every girl (or woman !) finds something in Alice that reminds her much of herself.  I have just finished reading your last Alice book and enjoyed every page of it. It has been such a treat looking forward to reading the next book that it is sad for me, and I’m sure for all your fans, that this is the very last book. However, it had a wonderful ending and I will never forget the Alice series and will keep on re-reading the books, maybe even to my own daughter when I grow up.

Again, thank you so much for the Alice books!! I have always been such a big fan of you and Alice!:-)

Phyllis replied:

It’s been gratifying for me to know that so many fans were satisfied with the final book.  There were many different ways that the main characters could have chosen to live their lives, and I could only go by what I felt was most real.  I’m really happy that you enjoyed the last book.

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