Cried My Eyes Out

This is maybe my 3rd time writing to you and every time, I am just so honored to do so. I was probably one of the first people to buy the very last installment and finished it in one day. I laughed and above all I cried my eyes out while reading this book. I am such a corn ball! I think it’s finally hitting me that this is it, this is the end of Alice. I felt the same emotions when the Harry Potter chapter of my life closed. I picked up my first Alice book when my 6th grade English teacher recommended it. And I felt special because it was her own copy. I guess she must’ve enjoyed the books as well. But ever since, I never stopped thinking about Alice, because we were growing up at about the same rate. For a while, high school took over but then I guess you can say Alice and I rekindled our friendship and I reread the whole series again. Not so much for a refreshment but just for the pure joy of reading a good book. By then I think 3 more books were already released and ever since, I looked forward to May of every year, because that’s when a new book was due. Except this year but that’s okay! You saved the best for later!  This book was everything that I could imagine.  I do this to myself every time I get a book, I’ll skim to the back and that’s when I cried my eyes out. (You might want to cut out the upcoming part if you plan on sharing this on your website). I wanted to find out if Ben lives on after the end of the book. This last book made me realize that Ben was a lot like a father figure and when Alice was mourning the loss of Ben, I was also mourning his death. These characters are real to me! I’m glad he grew old but this is where I’m a lot like Alice; I wanted him to stick around forever. Alice has truly been a good friend to me and someone that I saw myself in, as I’m sure plenty of other readers have. Trust me when I tell you my life would be so boring if I never picked up an Alice book.  So, thank you. Thank you for being so creative and bringing humor into my life. There has never been a dull moment when I’m reading these books.

I live in the good ole New York City. It would be such an honor to see you at a book signing one day.
Phyllis replied:
I wish I could sign in every part of the country, but perhaps NYC will be on my list some day.  My own life would have been a bit boring if I hadn’t written the  Alice books, so I know how you feel.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.  I cried a lot too when I wrote the series, especially the last book.

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