A Roller-Coaster of Emotions


It has taken me a great length of time to think of a worthy enough email to express just how much your series has an effect on me (and I’m one who has an impulsive reply to just about everything). I ordered the final book ahead of time on the Kindle (my, has technology taken over!); to make sure I’d have it on the day it came out, and had waited a few days upon receiving it to read it, which I have to say, surprised me, considering how big of a fan I am of yours (you, or your publisher, so kindly put my comment praising you in “I Like Him, He Likes Her”); why would I wait an additional few days when I’ve been eagerly waiting for your concluding book to come? That answer being: I took the time to really think about how much your series has affected me. I grew up reading Alice. I was privileged enough to have been introduced to the series by my sister, who is also a fan of yours, naturally. It was hard for me to face that fact that you can’t write the series forever; that there would have to be an end at some point, and that point being now. Aside from that, I could easily talk your head off with a countless amount of praises in regards to your series, and your last book that I happened to finish this morning, especially, but I’m sure it’s nothing new to you. I want you to know that I admire you more than I can express in mere words. I have never been able to claim feeling a roller-coaster of emotions like I do when I read your books. That right there means something to me, and so many of your other fans. That you are able to make your readers feel such feelings that they may not even know they had, for characters that are (technically) fictional, but felt so real, as if they’re your own family. I’m getting emotional even typing this to you, but just know that you will always hold a special place in my heart for coming up with such a series that you did. I’m not privileged enough to know you in real life, but I feel close to you when I pick up a book of yours, and for that, I consider myself fortunate. Anyone in your life should know how blessed they are to know you.
Phyllis replied:
It is very humbling to know that readers feel the same emotions I felt as I wrote the Alice series.  Probably every question I ever wanted to ask someone when I was growing up, and every emotion I felt, I used somehow in the Alice books.  That they resonate so well with other people is truly gratifying.

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