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I remember reading that there was going to be an Alice bible or encyclopedia or something, and at the end of Now I’ll Tell You Everything (which is the best out of all the Alice books in my opinion. I absolutely loved the whole book, even the sad parts.) you also mention it and say it can be accessed through your Alice website. My question is do you have it up yet and how do I find it? I have gone through each of the tabs at the top of the page and can’t find anything about the Alice bible.
Phyllis replied:

I had thought that it was going to go up immediately, but my publisher wanted to make sure it was up-to-date before we printed it.  It should be on the Alice website, hopefully, in the next few weeks.  Both my editor and the copy-editor have been out of the office for other things, but as soon as they get a chance to give it a quick review, it will be available to Alice readers.

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