I Knew Where the Books Took Place

I am a huge fan of the Alice Books! I started reading the series when I was in third grade. My older cousin was giving away a bunch of books and she gave me the first nine. I have read every single book at least once. I am now a senior in high school and just finished Now I’ll Tell You Everything.
The Alice Books have had a huge influence on my life and growing up would not have been the same without them. I could always find something to relate to in the books and sometimes when I had a problem similar to one Alice had, I would go back and read to see what Alice would have done. Something I also found neat was that I live in Maryland and knew where a lot of the books took place. I was really sad when I read the last page of Now I’ll Tell You Everything, knowing that there weren’t going to be anymore Alice adventures. But I will probably continue to go back and reread the books because I love them so much!
Thank you for writing such a wonderful series! These books have been an inspiration to many young girls, especially me.
Phyllis replied:
It must be fun to read books about your city, all the places you know so well.  Thanks so much for writing to me!

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