On my Bus Rides


I read my first Alice book when I was 9. I am 21 now and just read Now I’ll Tell You Everything while on a bus from Cincinnati to Chicago. I laughed and I cried and it was just such a perfect ending. Thank you so much. I really feel like Alice grew up with me. She was always a great friend to me. When I was 18, I moved from Cincinnati to Chicago for school and I brought a few Alice books with me to read whenever I got homesick. I shared the Alice books with friends in middle school, high school, and college. I even read all the Alice books out loud to my younger sister who always hated reading, and she loved them. Growing up can be overwhelming at times, but your books have made it a little easier. I do a lot of back and forth from Chicago to Cincinnati to visit my boyfriend and family who are still back in Ohio. It’s hard for me to be away from them, and these bus rides are always a little sad. But as always, this Alice book was such a comfort. And a reminder, that everything will be okay.
Thank you. For everything,
Phyllis replied:
Alice on the bus.  I like that.  For pleasure, for help, for homesickness…   Thanks so much for your email.

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