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I just finished “Now I’ll Tell You Everything” and it made me laugh and cry and I was just completely consumed with nostalgia and happiness for Alice. I’m a senior in high school now and I started reading the Alice series when I was in about 3rd grade–Alice’s patient, honest voice and your consistent writing/release of all the books was such a comfort to me when I was growing up.

Because I have read the last two books in the series when I’m 17 (close to Alice’s age!), and read every book in the series throughout the bulk of my childhood, I feel like I have grown up with Alice. I know you get that a lot but she really does mean so much to me.

One of my favorite things about the Alice series is that I live in the D.C/Maryland/Virginia area as well, and when you mentioned specific areas like Silver Spring or Fairfax or even ARLINGTON, my hometown (On page 30 of your final book when Lester is explaining that Stacy’s family lives in Arlington), I feel like I can relate to Alice even more, as if she’s my good friend or neighbor. It’s crazy to think that you went to Takoma Park for the premiere and I wasn’t able to go 😦

Basically, thanks so much for creating this community of comfort for my childhood. Book series that have tight-knit characters in them make me feel like I’m part of an alternate reality that’s dependable and loving. I will always remember Alice and all of her crazy adventures.

Phyllis replied:
I’m sorry too that we missed meeting each other, but am so glad you grew up with Alice, and can identify so well with the neighborhoods where she lived.

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