The Girl Who Wasn’t Afraid to Talk about Anything


I very rarely write to authors of my favorite books, prefering to admire their creativity from afar. But after finishing Now I’ll Tell You Everything, I needed to send a thank you note, even if it never gets read. Thank you so much for Alice. When I started reading, I was an crazy lil nine year old, who was always torn between making and performing crazy skits and curling up in the public library and reading for hours. I’m now almost eighteen, busy applying to college. Alice was always my role model, the girl who wasn’t afraid to talk about anything, and who said what I was always thinking. I loved growing up alongside her, and every Yom Kippur (when no technology was allowed), I would revisit my anthologies of Alice and read the afternoon away. Now that i’m almost grown, watching Alice make her way through life gave me comfort (in a strange way), and reassured me that life will work out. Thank you for creating such a vibrant, passionate and unique character. She is a role model for teenage girls everywhere.
Thank you so much

Phyllis replied:

Perhaps the Alice series was my way of bringing up subjects that no one talked about when I was growing up.  I loved knowing that Alice said what you were thinking.  Thanks so much for your email.

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