The Reassuring Message


I am turning 21 in a couple of months, but started reading the Alice series when I was eleven and had just moved to Silver Spring from another state. I was feeling lonely and awkward because I didn’t know anyone and was about to start middle school, but the Alice series helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in feeling a little confused and lost. When I got older, I stopped reading the series, but I will definitely read the last one–I have to know what happens to all of those characters I loved and who got me through some rough times.

The stories you told, stories that were at times hilarious, touching, and embarrassing, made the Alice series one of my favorites. The stories that meant the most to me were the ones that I couldn’t really find in other places, like the stories about abuse, homosexuality, and anorexia. I think most of all, what was so great about this series was the reassuring message that in spite of it all, I would be okay.

Thank you for some wonderful books, and for caring so much about all of us young women who really needed some empathy and understanding.

Phyllis replied:
I’m glad the books were so helpful to you.   Happy reading!

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