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I can’t remember which book exactly you introduced Lori and Leslie but it really helped me later in life with tolerance and I was really involved in gay rights activism at my old school.  My best friend is actually a lesbian, and it never bothered me, but some of our other friends ostracized her for being herself.  I couldn’t believe them because she was still the same person as before.  She came out to a few of our friends because she had a crush on one of them and they reacted heinously and completely handled it the wrong way and never accepted her again.  Needless to say, I lost some respect for them and I’m not really their friend anymore.   I think part of the reason I’m so comfortable with it was because I read your books.  I think they honestly had a huge part in raising me to be tolerant and accepting of race and sexuality and everything.  And now it shocks me when people aren’t like that, and I think if they’d read some of your books in the past that they’d understand a little more. I don’t have many older role models like that (except maybe my mother), that are accepting and supporting of gay rights and it’s really nice there are some straight older advocates like me out there.  Especially people like you who write about it and make a difference in people’s lives.  I can only hope to do as well as you have in the future.  So thank you again.
Phyllis replied:
You’ve made me so happy, knowing that my books have helped you in this way.  Thank you.

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