Even Books Before I Was Born

I’ve never written an author before, despite having many favorites and wanting to be a writer myself, but your books have helped me in so many ways.  I’m 17 in three weeks now, but I was 7 when my mom read the first few to me.  I couldn’t believe it when I had grown up with her at the beginning of Now I’ll Tell You Everything.  Everything you wrote was so perfectly in character and fitting for everyone.  I grew up with both parents, but the whole family always had a tumultuous relationship.  I used to read Alice books for comfort, wishing I had an older brother like Lester, or an aunt like Sally, or a dad like Ben.  Recently, though, I’ve grown closer with my mother and I think it has a lot to do with your new book and rereading the others.  It made me appreciate certain relationships so much more, like first boyfriend, early best friends I’ve had since middle school, etc.  In general, your books have always made me feel better about life.  I’ve had my own Patrick and Pamela, and Elizabeth, and I feel as if so much of your writing has helped me.  So I wanted to say thank you.  These books mean so much to me, and I have hard copies of every single one, even one I think was produced before I was born…  I wish I could meet you in person to thank you, but your tour didn’t come near us (at least for someone without a car and gas money) so this will have to do.  Thank you so much.
Phyllis replied:
And your letters, and others, mean so very much to me.  An author can’t help but wonder when a series is over, just how much resonated with her readers, and the response to this last book has been so gratifying!

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