Fan Letter from Germany

At the moment I’m reading the final book of the Alice Series. I haven’t finished it yet but I already really love it.Today I read the birth of Alice’s daughter Partricia Marie and when I  got to know her name I had tears in my eyes, because the name of my mother was Patricia, too. And like Alice’s mom she died because of cancer when I was fourteen years old. Of course there’s a difference, since I can remember her but your books help me so much to deal with the death of my mom. And when I finally knew the name of the baby it was such an overhelming moment for me, that I can hardly describe. It was like you would have known me and wanted to support me even more. With this mail I just wanted to thank you for this touching and honest books because you write about topics some authors would never write about.  Your books accompanied me from eight  to eighteen years and I can say for sure that they are definitly my favortire books.
Thank you so much!
A lifelong fan from Germany
Phyllis replied:
I’m so happy that the name really connected with you.  How wonderful that the Alice books have helped you deal witih the death of your mom.  Thank you so much for taking time to write to me.

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