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Alice Practically Raised Me

        I was just writing to you because I just finished reading Now I’ll Tell You Everything and I am touched and changed and so affected by this amazing finale to the Alice series! I literally just sat there crying for everything–all the memories and simply the fact that I practically grew up with Alice. 🙂
         I remember when I was in fourth grade and I needed a new book to read, so I went to the library. Sitting on the shelf was a book called Alice in April. The front cover and summary  intrigued me so I decided to check it out! I was instantly charmed by this in-between girl who grew up with a loving father and a witty brother, and was being bullied by a girl. After reading through the book lightning quick (because it was that interesting), I was surprised at the end to read that Denise Whitlock, Alice’s personal bully, had committed suicide. It shocked me and made me sad that this mixed up girl had taken her own life. This was life, I realized, and I knew I wanted to experience life–not only in my own little world–but also in the world of my beloved friend, Alice.
         From then on I was constantly reading every Alice book I could lay my little paws on. Alice practically raised me. She exposed me to so many things that I was bound to learn and wow! I remember when Alice’s dad told her that her mother had had three miscarriages before she had Alice and–of course–I didn’t even know what a miscarriage was at the time! If any preteen girl could live honestly and with  actual everyday experiences, it was Alice. I remember she would always have such embarrassing things happen to her and I would feel embarrassed, not FOR her, but WITH her! I would always think, “Wow. I’ve had embarrassing moments, but none as bad as Alice has had.” Of course, as luck would have it, I had the most embarrassing moment of my life happen to me at the eye doctor this summer and all I could think of was, “Well….I spoke too soon.” You have singlehandedly placed a piece of every single girl inside of Alice’s life, and for that I will always be grateful.
          One of my favorite Alice moments was when she went to the orthodontist for her braces and she was in a bad mood because her stomach hurt and (as every person with braces knows) the orthodontist was inflicting pain on her teeth. He finally finished and she got up to go to the bathroom and, low and behold, there was a huge, red blood stain on the back of her white skirt *period malfunction*! She washed the skirt in the sink trying to lessen the stain, but that only made the stain a little more pink and as large as the state of Texas! Then, to top it off, a woman on the bus whispered to her, “Oh, honey, bleach will take that right out.” Hahahaha! I still tell my friends that story today, just to get a laugh.
           Now, as a sophomore in high school, I have finished the whole Alice series. It makes me a little sad to have my friend not be with me anymore, but in a way I always know she’ll be there. I can always find an Alice book, pick it up, and experience the love all over again! Throughout all the books, though, and especially this last one, I know that I have matured. Maybe I have not experienced all Alice has by the time the series ended, but I know I will someday and, for now, her life has provided me with more understanding and wisdom.
          Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of your thoughts and stories into the span of twenty-eight books. I know you’re probably getting a lot of fan mail for your awesomeness, but I just wanted to give you this little piece of my heart. Thank you for being the amazing writer and person that you are. 🙂

Phyllis replied:
Thank you.  But I hate to tell you that embarrassing things go right on happening to people, even people who are 80 years old.  I think perhaps we handle it a little better.  We laugh more easily.  We forgive ourselves more  quickly.  And hopefully, we do the same with others.  I appreciate the time you took to write to me.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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