So Many Awkward Experiences

I just finished reading “Now I’ll Tell You Everything,” and I can’t remember the last time I felt so emotional reading a book. I was literally tearing up and crying through so much of the book, laughing out loud (as Alice always makes me do), and enjoyed every single minute of reading it.
I wanted to thank you so much for creating the series. I remember starting it years ago, when I was only in middle school, and what I love so much about Alice and the books, especially when I first found them, is that they’re very real. Alice was awkward, she had multiple excruciating embarrassing moments, and she has the ability to remember everything–I loved having someone to be able to relate to, and it’s comforting knowing that such a character exists who also has these qualities I do. It was almost unbelievable  to read about a character going through so many awkward experiences as I did (and do!), and let me know that I wasn’t alone.
Your books have also taught me quite a lot throughout the years, answering questions I wouldn’t ask or didn’t even know I had. The final book gave me my first glimpse into the life of an “adult,” and especially as a college student who soon has to venture out into the real world and be an adult, I’ve just been so grateful for being able to learn so much and I feel like I’ve gained a new insight about life. Even as an adult, Alice was still a lot like herself when she was young, and I found that comforting, knowing that I don’t necessarily have to change myself as I mature and grow older.
Again, thank you, and I really hope you actually get to read my email. The Alice books were some of the best books I’ve ever read–and definitely the most informative, interesting, funny and relatable. I’m so happy they exist and when I get older, I plan on making any children or grandchildren read your series.
I hope one day I’ll be able to write books as amazing as yours (I love your other books as well!) and will be able to have as significant an impact on readers as you do.

Phyllis replied:

I’m just delighted that readers really seem to love the final book.  Critics weren’t as positive, worrying that Alice readers wouldn’t be much interested in Alice as a mother or grandmother, but if fan mail is representative, about 99.9% of you love the final book, and that is very gratifying. Thanks so much for your email.

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