Looking Forward to Catching Up

I love you so much it’s crazy!  Alice has been a part of my life since the 5th grade, but i’m now in the 11th grade prepping for college soon. The first book I ever read by you was Ice. I loved it so much that I tried finding other books written by you and I found Alice in Between in my school library. That’s where it all began. I remember being in middle school and desperately waiting for summer to arrive so the newest Alice book would be out in the library and I’d be the first person to read the fresh, crisp, brand new book. I live in Baltimore, Maryland so every time I got to Silver Spring I immediately think of Alice, haha. Lately, I’ve been very out of touch with the Alice Books. My summers are so ridiculous now that there’s absolutely no time to sit and read a book. I’ve got so much school work, I don’t even know what it means to have free time anymore. What does fun mean again? Haha. I am dying to catch up. The last book I read was Incredibly Alice and I cannot wait to read Alice on Board and the last book. It makes me sad that almost everyone knows how the series ends and I haven’t even read the second to last book.  But I would really like to thank you for the brilliant job you’ve done with these books. I will forever cherish these memories because of these books. I hope to catch up this thanksgiving break. I’m literally counting the days down till thanksgiving break. I in fact look forward to catching up so badly that it’s motivating me and helping me get through my pile of homework. Haha. You are a brilliant writer. Thank you so much.

Phyllis replied:
You’re not the only one trying to catch up.  I’m trying to answer all the letters on this website, and bake Christmas cookies, and mail packages, and write cards, and doing all the things that everyone else is doing that makes this season special.  But I do hope you get a chance to catch up with Alice soon.

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