Known Alice Longer than Most of my Closest Friends


I first read The Agony of Alice in the sixth grade, twelve years ago, after finding it in my middle school library. I just finished Now I’ll Tell You Everything. I read it in one sitting. I’ve known Alice longer than I’ve known most of my closest friends. When I was younger, I was entertained by the books, drawn in by the similarities between Alice, Pamela, Elizabeth, and Gwen’s lives and mine. Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate the books both for the impact they’ve had on me and for how well they handle the coming of age story of a young woman. I don’t know if I’ve ever read another young adult series that handles the trials and tribulations of growing up with so much honesty and compassion. Getting to see Alice as an adult, getting to find out what happened to her and her friends, was a wonderful experience that readers aren’t often afforded. Thank you so much for Alice.
Phyllis replied:
It is wonderful to hear from an adult–a woman whose appreciation changed as she matured.  That was a great compliment, and I thank you for taking time from your own life to write to me.

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