So Emotionally Tied to These Characters


Last night, I purchased Now I’ll Tell You Everything, curled up next to the fireplace, and read for hours and hours–only stopping when I had to take a few moments to reflect and cry–until the final page.  I have never felt so emotionally tied to fictional characters as I do to Alice and her friends and family.  The final installment of the Alice series showed me the true beauty of life itself.  Never again will I take for granted a family dinner or a friend’s listening ear.  I feel so deeply fortunate to have read this book at age 20, so that as I grow older and face whatever difficult battles lie ahead, I can simply reopen these pages and feel comforted and motivated by Alice’s strength.  Thank you for opening my heart and mind to the value of life and all of its good and lousy moments.  I will take the lessons you taught me from childhood through today and use them to better my own relationships and experiences.

Phyllis replied:
Letters like yours make it all worthwhile.   Thank you so much for your email.  I truly appreciate it.

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