I recently finished reading Now I’ll Tell You Everything and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed these books.
Although the 1st Alice book was published when I was 14 years old, I did not become familiar with the series until I became
a librarian 15 years ago. Even as an adult, I have loved this series and always eagerly waited for the next book to be published.
I had one question I wanted to ask. In the afterword of the book, it was stated that on the http://www.alicemckinley.com website, there would
be a collection of facts about all the Alice books complied together. However, I cannot seem to find it on the site. Is that available?

Phyllis replied:

We apologize for not having that “Alice bible” on-line yet.  It was going through a number of editors to make sure it was in a readable form to post online, and everyone has been super-busy over the holidays.  I’ve asked my editor again when we might expect it to be posted on the mast-head of the Alice fan mail page, and as soon as I get an answer, I’ll print it.

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