Never has a series touched me as deeply as the Alice series has. Although I did not start reading from the very beginning (I wasn’t born until Aching Alice!), I feel that picking up I Like Him, He Likes Her at my local Borders was one of the most rewarding decisions I have and will ever have made. To be able to follow such an ordinary yet extraordinary girl through her journey through high school, into college, and up to her much later years was extremely fun and fulfilling. Never have I found someone I could relate to so much. I found myself constantly smiling at her success and happiness, and crying for both sadness and joy became very normal as I flipped through each page, anxious to know more. I am sure you receive emails regarding this all the time, but I will be the millionth to say that your books have touched me tremendously and the Alice series will be one I proudly share with my children in the future. Thank you for creating Alice and all the characters that she has encountered throughout her literary life. I have loved each and every moment of reading about her spectacular journeys. Each experience was so genuine and authentic, and I cannot wait to share them with others and capture their reactions too. I feel comfortable going on to the future with confidence and help from Alice. With every obstacle that comes my way, I can simply reread these pages and be encouraged and inspired by Alice and all her wonderful strong points. Thank you, Mrs. Naylor, for creating a role model and friend for all girls like me.

Phyllis replied:
I’m just delighted that the series has meant that much to you.  I love knowing that you’ll read the books again in the future.

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