Having just finished Now I’ll Tell You Everything about five minutes ago (my public library was very slow getting the book! I’d had it on hold since August and just got it this Tuesday!) I feel like I can’t say goodbye without saying thank you. I read my first Alice book when I was in about grade 3 or 4, and it was Starting with Alice, as the prequels had recently been released fairly recently. By the time I reached The Agony of Alice, I was absolutely hooked, and in luck that there were more books already out. My mom, a librarian, brought me a stack of all the Alice books to date, and eventually it was my turn to wait for the new books. I remember my mom showing me an article that quoted you talking about the copy of the final Alice book saved in a fireproof box, and I was so relieved! I’m not sure what I would have done if I never found out what happened to Alice, but I’m even more happy that I got to find out everything about Alice in a book that you were ready to publish, not the fireproof box version!

Now that I am in my second year of university, reading Now I’ll Tell You Everything made me even more excited for what’s left to come. Thank you so much for everything you have done for all of your readers and for your truly excellent writing. The Alice books have and will always be my favourite series.

Phyllis replied:
You were lucky to have a librarian mom to bring you that stack of books.  Please give her a hug from me! And thank you so much for your email.

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