Losing Myself in Books

I don’t exactly have a question. I have more of a thank you in mind. Alice changed me in a way that I can’t explain. I’ve always liked reading but it wasn’t until 6th grade when I read Starting With Alice that i became hooked on books. Whenever I read an Alice book I was transported to her world I could really picture myself there with her, and I had never had that experience with any other book. It was amazing. I become obsessed with the Alice series. I really am happy that i found that Alice shelf in my my school library that day. I would finish a book in a day or less. I read up to Intensely Alice and then my public library didn’t have the rest of the 3 books that I needed to finish. I was upset, but I found out that you were working on the last book and my hopes went up! I figured I would wait and buy the books then. I ordered the three books I needed and the very last on of the series on Monday. They got here Thursday and I just can’t open the cover of Alice In Charge but I will and I’m very excited yet sad. So all that comes to my mind to say is thank you. Thank you so such for letting me lose myself in books and to let escape my reality for just a bit and live in Alice’s world for a few hours. You brought happiness into my life when I truly needed and for that I will forever be thankful to you. I’m now in high school and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been this happy without the Alice series so again thank you and may many blessing come your way from the bottom of my heart.

Phyllis replied:

I know exactly what you mean about losing yourself in books.  I’ve done so many times.  Enjoy, enjoy!

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