Message from Phyllis

The “Alice bible” that we used to keep track of every little piece of Alice’s life is now available for you to see: whatever fact you ever wanted to know–her first kiss, Lester’s girlfriends, Ben’s assistant manager at the Melody Inn–you will find at if you click on “Just the Facts” on the masthead. We’re sorry it took so long to get it up there for you to see, but we wanted to make sure the most recent information was included.  And then I’ve been up to my ears clearing my desk of all that’s accumulated while we worked on this final book.  I have many of your emails yet to answer and post on this website, and will get to them a few at a time.  Thank you for patience, and most of all, thank you for your loyalty all these years and the wonderful emails and letters you have sent.  I treasure them all.

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