Never Stop Writing

Hello. I read your Alice Series and I just can’t stop reading them! Once I start, I can’t stop! I have a question: How do you make your books so amazing, that when the reader begins, they’re just hooked to them? Bye! Please write back! My favorite book of yours would have to be Alice On Board, in the beginning when I can really feel how much work Alice and her friends have to do. My other favorite book you wrote, which I’m reading right now is Faith, Hope, and Ivy June. It really shows what it’s like to be an exchange student! Anyway, that’s all, but never stop writing books! It’s your real talent!

Phyllis replied:
I’m glad you feel writing is my real talent, because that’s the way I make my living!  I enjoyed writing about Ivy June as much as I enjoyed writing about Alice, though they are very different girls.

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