How Do I Make Contact?

So there’s this guy I like and it’s possible he might like me. He’s in the year above and I like him so much. He keeps looking at me and I like melt. The thing is I never talk to him. How am I meant to talk to him and make a connection without making a complete fool of myself (I go red a lot)

Phyllis replied:
The fact that he keeps looking at you means he’s interested.  And you would probably help him out a lot by simply saying “Hi” the next time you pass in the hall, or your eyes meet.  Never mind that you get red.  If he’s shy, and sees your blushing as a signal you are shy too, it will just comfort him to know you feel the same way.  Can you not think of ANYthing to say to him?  Even the weather?  Something like, “Rain again, huh?”  Or “Nice shirt,” or “We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”  What have you got to lose by being the one who starts a conversation?

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