I have loved the Alice books. Alice has been the loyal best friend I did not have in high school. I’m an adult now, but wish I had Alice when I was growing up. I cried when she got breast cancer and when her father died.

When Lester got married, she said Aunt Sally and Uncle Milt were unable to come because of Uncle Milt’s poor health (p. 136), yet when Alice visited Aunt Sally, she gave her a “framed photo of them with their daughter, Carol, that they probably never realized Dad had taken at Lester’s wedding … ” (p. 211). I felt confused because I though her aunt and uncle hadn’t been at the wedding.

Thank you for the Alice books! I look forward to reading your other novels.
Phyllis replied:
You found a mistake that neither I nor my editor nor the copy editor caught.  I guess I was feeling a little depressed when I wrote that.  Alice was feeling a little depressed that Christmas, right?  And whatever Alice was feeling, I was feeling.  Thanks for letting me know!!!

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