Grateful for this Journey


Hi! I’m one of the many many fans of the Alice series, and I just finished your last book “Now I’ll Tell You Everything”. I could not be more content. I’m so happy for Alice and all that she’s accomplished in her life, because for me, she’s been like a real person, a guide and a role model in my own life. I’m sad to see her story end from here, but I’m also happy because it couldn’t have ended better. Your books have been one of the many things that my best friend and I shared. We passed your books back and forth and talk about them endlessly. We’ve laughed together and cried and been surprised, and it was so nice sharing Alice with one another. We’ve both felt she has been a part of us for so long, almost 4 years. I’m 15 now, and a freshman in high school and whenever I’m in a tough situation I just think, what would Alice do? Even in her 40’s, when she was having troubles with her own 15 year old daughter, I could really relate it to me and my own mother and it reminded me that I shouldn’t just consider my own feelings, but my mothers too because I’m not the only one getting older. To sum it all up, your books have been there for me. I can remember when Alice was my own age, just going into high school and now getting to see her grow up and raise a family, it’s made me realize how precious life is. Even through the hard times, she kept smiling and was strong, not just for her but for the ones she loved. I’m so grateful to have been through this journey with her and even more grateful that she has been there through mine. Thank you for giving me the sister I never had, somebody that I could turn to when I was in doubt and could think of whenever I was having a hard time. I really can’t tell you how thankful I am. Best of luck to you in the future!

Phyllis replied:
I appreciate your email so much. I was hoping that when Alice became a mother, readers could identify both with the way she was feeling and the feelings of her daughter.  And yes, I think most people, as they grow older, begin to realize how precious life is, and to never take anything for granted.

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