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I feel wretched because I lost track of the Alice series in my 20s! However, when I picked up the last book this weekend, the rush of emotions returned almost as though it were the day I–at about 11 or 12–discovered The Agony of Alice in my local library. I ended up grabbing every book in the series and re-read (or read for the first time!) every single book until I reached Now I’ll Tell You Everything. It took me three days, but I did it. I’m smiling with joy and bittersweetness over Alice’s growing up and my own growing up, and I just want to thank you for writing these amazing books. That said I do have one question: why didn’t we see that six hour conversation Patrick said he would need to tell Alice about himself? I love Patrick to death, but his drive and purpose could be quite mysterious and I would have loved to see him unburden himself to Alice for a change instead of the other way around! 😉

Phyllis replied:
You know, that would have made a good conversation.  Perhaps I felt that, taken as a whole, the books already explained Patrick, but maybe not.  I’m so glad you caught up with Alice again and finished all the books.  Thanks so much for writing to me.  I really appreciate it.                    

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