Knew Patrick and Alice would be together!

I am one of the many fans of Alice and the series you have written. I just finished the last book today and it made me look forward to how my life is going to turn out. I am finishing my first year of college and I can relate to Alice on how fast life and school goes by. I knew Patrick and Alice were going to get together even though Alice got engaged. Their love was to strong for them not to be together! I am so grateful you wrote this series, I grew up with Alice, she taught me many things. I have a friend that is crazy and wild like Pamela and a quiet one like Liz so it was my life in the book.
Thank you for the enjoyment over the years
Phyllis replied:
Thanks for your email.  I believe that most of us have a little bit of the Pamela, a little bit of Alice, and a little of Liz inside us.  Sometimes it just takes a good friend to bring it out.

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