Alice Upside Down

Hi! I’ve just finished your last book in the Alice series Now I’ll Tell You Everything.  Now this is just suggestion but you should really make a movie for that! To be honest, I didn’t like the Alice upside down. :(. Blonde Patrick? Dark Liz?  I’m devatstated that I’m done with the series. I started reading your books this year and I have gotten – literally- EVERYONE hooked on them! Keep up the good work! You are the best author ever. Please see what you can do about the movie. Thanks!
Phyllis replied:
I appreciate your suggestion.  The people who enjoyed the movie, Alice Upside Down, the most, are the ones who were not familiar with the series.  If you viewed it as something completely separate from the Alice series, you could forget the character changes and enjoy it as something different.  There are no plans at present to make a movie of any other Alice books, but should that ever happen, perhaps I would have a bigger part in the screenplay and casting.

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