Happy Birthday, Alice!


This will be a short message, as I just want to tell you one thing: Happy Birthday, Alice! I had to e-mail you, Phyllis, because I was browsing the beginning of the Alice Bible when I noticed that Alice’s birthday is May 14th… which is today! I cannot believe I finished the final book on her birthday. I swear I didn’t plan it that way. But I can’t think of a more fitting end to my journey through these books… and it’s nice to know that wherever I end, another adventure is beginning with Alice, out in the great wide somewhere. Now I can go and read ALL the books front to back and definitively pick some favorites. There are so many it’s hard for me to remember what events happen when (I see why you made the Alice Bible!), especially in the earlier books, but Alice the Brave always stood out to me for being uniquely hilarious. I love Alice Alone and Simply Alice, because I liked Alice discovering who she was without Patrick. I always loved the summer books the most, particularly Alice In the Know. Dangerously Alice and Intensely Alice were good, but I reallyyyy loved how Alice finally seemed to find herself and try new things in Incredibly Alice. But Now I’ll Tell You Everything (always Always Alice to me 🙂 ) has been the most exciting because so much happened and we got to see Alice in so many different stages of life. I wish her the happiest birthday, and I’m so sad it’s over.

Phyllis replied:
It’s hard to choose a favorite, isn’t it?  I’ve never been able to love one more than another.

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