How Can I Buy the Whole Collection?

Just wanted to start off by saying that I LOVE your books! I read every single Alice book when I was younger and was addicted to every single one. Now that I am older, I’ve been wanting to collect all of them, but it is really hard because I can’t find one seller that sells them in a collection. And buying them separately means paying for shipping separately or going crazy going to a zillion different bookstores hoping they have them!

I hate to bother you about this, but do you happen to know of anyone or any way that I can just buy the whole series from? I would really appreciate it!!
Phyllis replied:
I so wish I had an easy answer.  I’ve been hoping the publisher would print the whole series in those 3 books-in-one bindups, so that instead of having to buy 28 books, you could buy 9 bind-ups and the final book.  I’ve forwarded your letter to my editor, asking if sales and marketing have come up with any new ideas to make it easier on readers, and if they ever devise a plan, I’ll print it here.  I know that the books have come out in so many different forms, with different covers, but remember that I wrote the series over 28 years, and of course, although I planned for it to cover 28 books, no one knew for sure if I’d be able to do that–that I would LIVE that long.  But I  still have dozens of books in me, so I plan to be around for awhile.

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