Happy and Sad at the Same Time

I just finished reading “Now I’ll Tell You Everything”. A book has never made me feel so many different emotions. I felt awful when Alice was engaged to Dave but I knew that you wouldn’t let her spend the rest of her life with anyone but Patrick. I squealed so hard when they found each other at the airport. Every time I walk into my English class and see my beautiful young teacher I can’t help but think of Alice admiring Sylvia. About an hour ago I was in tears due to the passing of Ben. I was so happy with how you decided to end the series. As soon as it was announced that the last Alice book would be chronicles of her life from age 18-60 I knew you would include the time capsule. Your final book has made me appreciate my parents so much more. I’ve been reading your books for the past 6 years, starting them when I was 9 as I was introduced to them by my best friend. They’ve make me so happy and sad at the same time. They taught me everything I know and I wouldn’t be the same person without your books. Knowing she is not a real person hurts because she has become one of my best friends over the years but, I find bits and pieces of her in me as many other girls do. I’m 15 now and, I wonder if my mother has the same thoughts about me as Alice did about Patricia when she was 15. I’m going through all your recent letters and they all seem to be be about how thankful everyone is. You’ve inspired and helped so many people with your series. I’ve written to you twice, once when I was 11 and again when I was 13 but this time I feel like I have way more to say to you and I appreciate this series so much more This ending is bitter sweet but I still know I can re-read the series and experience the adventure you took me and many other people on all over again. I like this series rivers and love it oceans and I’m so grateful for the day you jotted down the title “The Agony of Alice”.
Phyllis replied:
Thank you so much.  You know, when I’m talking about these books with friends, I talk about  Alice as though she’s real, too–laughing over some of the funny things she did, and tearing up about the sad parts.  And then I get embarrassed, because I’m the author!

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