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Hi Phyllis! I am Alice huge fan from Indonesia and i just want you to know that how your books inspired me a lot and all of the series are my all time favorite books!! I feel like i’m growing up with her. I’m 19 now and i read Alice since i was 12 (and i still reread it) and since then i fell in love with Lester!! It’s so sad that Now I’ll Tell You Everything is the last book of all the series. Thank you so much for writing these books!! Thank you!!!
Phyllis replied:
I think we all fell in love with Lester.  I’m not even sure where I got the name.  I think he was a boyfriend of my sister’s.  I used to accuse him of being conceited, because he always had a smart reply to everything.  He sure did love to argue ,and I secretly liked the attention.

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