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I am in love with your Alice books! I’m eleven so I have stopped reading the series momentarily so that nothing is too inappropriate for me (even though I really want to, I’m trying not to read the older books :)). I love how you cover the “troubles” that young girls have. From peer pressure, suicide, and gay/lesbian issues. Which, by the way, I think was really cool of you to write about. Normally, people won’t really write about lesbian couples for youngish girls. I also admire how you made Alice okay with that fact. I also love how they’re so fun to read. Every time I get one of the Alice books from the library I can’t wait to read them!

My best friend and I are in love with the Alice series! But we were wondering about Sylvia. She teaches English, visited England, eats with her fork in her left hand, but does she have an English accent or is her ethnicity English? Thank you so much for writing a book that is so relatable and includes such relatable characters!
Phyllis replied:
I’d forgotten that she ate with her fork in her left hand!  No, Sylvia was born in the U.S.  but she loves England and English literature.

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