Where Should I Begin?


I started the Alice books at ‘I Like Him, He Likes Her’ because I thought the other Alice ones like ‘Alice in Agony’ were for younger kids. Should I start with the very first ones or am I fine starting where I did? I’m almost done with ‘I Like Him, He Likes Her’ and I was just wondering..
Phyllis replied:

I don’t know how old you are, but many Alice fans enjoy Lester so much that they like to go back to the very beginning, when Alice was in third grade and Lester was fifteen (“Starting with Alice”) Others skip those prequels and begin with “The Agony of Alice,” when she is entering sixth grade. It’s up to you. I think you would get a better idea of how their personalities developed, how she became friends with Liz and Pam, if you read the earlier books, but the world won’t end if you go directly to “Please Don’t be True.”  Phyllis

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