Will My Inexperience be a Problem?


Well, my boyfriend and I started going out a few weeks ago and he really wants to kiss me, like naturally.
I do to but the thing is I barely have any experience in kissing and I am nervous.
I really do want to kiss him but the thing is, I have barely any experience. I wonder if that’s a problem? How do I make the first move?
Thanks Phyllis, I’m a big fan and I am starting to read Alice On Board, your amazing.

Phyllis replied:

How are you going to get any experience if you don’t try? If this is a boy you want to kiss, and it sounds as though you do, remember that kisses don’t start with just lunging at each other. You may be sitting or walking close together, gently teasing or saying nice things to each other, and all it usually takes is for the girl to lay her head on his shoulder and turn her face up toward him, and the guy will make the next move. If it’s any help, my first dozen or so kisses with a guy were pretty awkward. It took a while before we each resisted the impulse to kiss and run.

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