No religious reference?

Hello there,
My name is Hilary. Although i did not read all of the Alice Books I did however read the last book. I loved it but I think I would have loved it even better if the character Alice had a closer relationship to God. i was wondering why you did not feel the need to make that particular relationship stand out.
I am writing this email hoping that i will get some answers. I don’t even know if this is the right email address.
whether you who are reading this is Phyllis Reynolds Naylor or someone else i really hope that my question be answered.
Have a Great Day.
Phyllis replied:
Yes, it is Phyllis who is responding to your email.  Probably the reason Alice does not seem to have a closer,or more personal relationship to God is because I am still on me religious journey.  Having been raised in a devout religious family, my only complaint was that there were–are–just too many questions about religion and God that seem to have no intelligent answers, and, as a former nun once wrote in her book, “I’ve stopped making excuses for God.”  There are times Alice does refer to God, to prayer, but perhaps her religious crisis at the end of the book, “Intensely Alice,” sums it up for me.  Also, Alice represents girls of many cultures, many family relationships, many faiths, and I would not want to show Alice going to church or praying at meals without getting into the deeper expressions of her faith, and those in turn would lead to more questions, which would depend on what exact faith she belonged to, and I felt it was better to keep her on her journey than to become more involved in what is really a very, very personal matter.

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