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Today I had one of the coolest moments of my life – possibly even the coolest – and it was because of you! I’ve written to you many times before before, the most recent being about how my sister, Kimberly and I have been reading the Alice series since we were kids and even made an Alice fan club in elementary school. I read Now I’ll Tell You Everything on my kindle, but Kimberly decided to borrow the book from the library because it’s so thick and she’d rather read it on paper anyway. It’s been sitting on Kimberly’s bed for a while and I idly looked through it because I’d never seen the hard copy before. And then I saw the back cover and I couldn’t believe my eyes! MY e-mail had been chosen as one of the three fan letters on the cover!

I can’t express how much that means to me. I was trembling and tears were coming and it was very emotional! I feel incredibly privileged to have something so tangible that will link Alice and I, and I’m so so grateful! I saved all your e-mail replies in a special folder and I’m so glad and honoured that I was able to write an e-mail to you that meant enough for you (or your editor or publisher) to put it on the final Alice book. Thank you so much! Even after the Alice series is over, she and you still manage to impact my life!

Phyllis responds:

I’m glad it was so meaningful to you.  You’re talking about the hard cover book, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.”   Now you have that book to remember, and I have your email to treasure.

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