Now I’ll Tell You Everything


I have been reading your books since I was about eleven. I first discovered your books at a book store in Tennessee while on vacation. I have read every book up to the end of Alice’s junior year, and all the books have come together; the three parts of the year. Today I was a local Barnes & Noble, and I found “And Now I’ll Tell You Everything”. I was absolutely ecstatic! my only concern is, I was wondering if that was the only book for her senior year? I don’t want to miss/skip a book. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear back soon. Can’t wait to start reading!

Phyllis responds:

Actually, that book isn’t about her senior year at all. The three books of her senior year are Alice in Charge,  Incredibly Alice and Alice on Board.  You can buy them as singles, or all together in one big paperback titled “You and Me and the Space in Between.”   “Now I’ll tell you Everything” is from her college years on.  Enjoy!

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