What Would Alice Do?


I can’t thank you enough for how much your books have done for me. I’ve never connected to another character the way I have to Alice. I started reading Alice when I was twelve, the same age as her in the first book I read. I read every book following in the series and Alice and I have quite literally grown up together, as the last book came out when I was also in college and I’m 21 now.

I feel emotional even writing this email to you because I love your books so much and they’ve done so much for me. I’ve gone through some rough times in the past couple of years and Alice has been there with me for all of it. You’ve honestly given me one of my best friends. We’ve gone through similar experiences, felt the same emotions, and Alice has been a role model of sorts for me. She always kept a level head and was able to make rational decisions most of the time, even when it wasn’t popular. I’ve caught myself thinking “What Would Alice Do?” at times.

I can only hope I have a marriage and lifelong friendships like Alice did. It seems a little crazy that I’m speaking about her like she’s real, but she is real to me. I’ve reread Now I’ll Tell You Everything a few times but I’ve only finished it once, because I can’t imagine her story ending. It will always be ongoing to me.

Thank you for giving me a role model, companion, best friend, and the best series I could ever ask for.

Phyllis replied:

Your email made my day.  Alice was really one of my best friends too, and even now it’s hard to think of her as imaginary.

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