Seeing Silver Spring


You must get so much fan mail everyday, but I wanted to express my gratitude. I’ll make my letter short, even though I have so much to say. The Alice series has absolutely changed my life! I started reading them in the fifth grade, and recently finished the series as a senior in high school. Everything about the series is phenomenal, and it pains me that I will no longer be able to read about Alice’s days! On my way to Washington DC for a college visit recently, I passed Silver Spring, and it brightened my life just to see that highway sign! Thank you for your dedication to writing, and I hope to be able to meet you one day!

Phyllis responded:

If you go to college in this area, you’ll undoubtedly run across other places where Alice and her friends hung out.  Thank you for taking time in this busy season to write to me.  Best wishes for your college plans.

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