#1: I LOVE your Alice books!
You probably hear that everyday, but like the other fans, I can really connect to Alice and all the other characters. Well, kinda. I’m probably really different from Alice, so, maybe, NOT Alice, but the other characters. Come to think about it, I’m not like ANY of the characters… more with their conflicts and situations. Oops?

ALSO like the other girls, I am pretty sad about the ending of the Alice books. But I’m pretty satisfied with the ending. I love that wonderful ending of Alice opening the letter she wrote to herself 60 years ago. It made me tear up and smile really big. I think about doing that, but then I come up with problems that make me just give up. But it’s a pretty good idea!

#2: Where is the alice website???

Phyllis replied:

So glad you like the Alice books!  There are two websites that will interest you, actually.  Many of the letters and emails I receive, along with my replies, can be found at

My own website, which lists all my 140 books, including the 28 Alice books, is at

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