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Where do I begin? To be honest, I dont have a story where I have been reading your books for years, it actually started just recently (back in December). I, at the time, didnt know there were 28 books. I started at her freshman year and went on from there. Let me say, your writing is AMAZING. So many things Alice says…experiences…thoughts; I can relate to them all. I am currently reading “Please don’t let this be true”. I got it 3 days ago and only have a bit more to read (100-200 pages perhaps?) I cant stop reading! So many parts of each book I can most definitely relate to. I felt like, at some points of my life, I feel like no one else knows what I mean. I feel like Alice is a friend of mine and I get to see into her world. I feel like I connect most and closest to Alice, mostly because in school, shes that “average joe” kinda girl; sorta like the kid who doesnt want to go all honors or do community service every single month for school for 15 hours, you know? Currently Im in freshman year but I feel like Im already in my senior year reading the current book (LOL!). Even though I dont have a boyfriend or anything..I feel like Alices thoughts and everything regarding Patrick..Sam..Tony..every lover of hers, I can relate to. I really like how you cover all topics like religion (with Shelley, I just read that part) and the LGBT community. Can you please run for president? Ill vote ^0^! Ahaha. And lastly, I would just like to say that I feel like I can use these books to help self discover myself. You are truly amazing.

Im sorry if this turned out really long and Im sure hoping I included everything I wanted to say!   From a loving reader…

Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you took time to write to me.  I love hearing that readers can relate to many aspects of Alice’s life.  “Discovering yourself” is a lifelong journey, but it’s true that the more you know yourself–both the honest-to-God self you are now, and the self you would like to be, the less chance there is of making mistakes about the larger decisions of life.  If you would like to see a list–and covers–and a short description of each of the 28 Alice books, in order, go to my new website, http://www.phyllisnaylor.com and click on “Alice series” on the bulletin board.  This might help you choose some of the Alice books you’ve missed along the way.

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