Greetings from Austria


my name is Jasmin, I’m 19 years old and I live in Austria.
I read your books since my 10th birthday and I love them.
I read the first 14 books in german and because the other books are unfortunately not translated in german, I read them in english. My english skills become better gradually! (:
I can identify so much with Alice and it’s great to see her development in every book.
You’re an amazing author and I hope I will be able to write such books later in life.
You are my role model!

Phyllis replied:

I’m amazed at fans who bother to get the Alice books in English, when they can’t find the ones they want in their native language.  It is generally assumed that foreign publishers cut the series off when the stories get too sexually explicit, no matter how well written the text.  It’s wonderful that you can identify with her life.  Thanks so much for writing to me.

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