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I’m pretty sure you get tons of emails of girls who have read the Alice books. Just like them, I would like to thank you so much for writing these books – Alice was truely like a friend and it was great being part of her life, sort of. It was a pleasure to see her grow up and make all these wonderful experiences in life.

I have started with “The Agony of Alice” in 1999, when I was 11 years old myself. I patiently waited year after year until the German translation of the the Alice books was published – so I could read and enjoy them (as I’m a fan from Germany). At some point, when I was able to speak/read in English, I didn’t have to wait that long anymore, and I could just read the books in English. And today – being 27 years old, having studied Biology, just like Alice daughter, and currently working on my PhD – I have finally finished the last book. It has been amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the very last book and I’m highly satisfied about how everything has turned out for Alice, her wonderful and friends. It couldn’t have been better – it was just perfect!

Thank you again for letting us be part of Alice’s wonderful journey. I hope I will have a daughter myself at some point, so I can pass the Alice books on to her – I’m sure she will love them just like I did!

Phyllis replied:

I’m so happy that you were pleased with how the series turned out. I know that not all readers liked all the choices that people made, but this was Alice’s life, and the way I felt she would have lived it.  Thanks so much for your wonderful letter, and best wishes on your PhD.

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